Finding affordable insurance for your home, health, life or auto just because a whole lot easier in the Buckeye State.
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Auto Insurance Quotes

In Ohio, auto insurance is an important part of being able to get around the generally separated metro centers. Unless you are fortunate enough to live directly in a large city and able to take advantage of the state's limited public transportation service, owning a car is something of a mandate, and also mandated along with that automobile, is the state's requirement for auto insurance. Getting Ohio insurance quotes can help you stay in compliance with state law.

Ohio Legal Requirements

In Ohio, the minimum requirements for driving an automobile are that you have liability coverage at the following levels:

Of course, buying the minimum coverage means that you are trusting that you won't cause an accident that causes more damage than you are covered for in this highly litigious society. Transportation to a medical facility via ambulance, a couple of days in a hospital and a CAT scan are likely to eat up nearly $15,000 unto themselves. If you cause an accident that does more damage than your plan covers, you will have to pay the rest out of your own pocket or possibly face a civil lawsuit so it is recommended that you carry more protection than the minimum required by state law. Reviewing your quotes carefully and adjusting the requested amount to include more coverage is easy.

Other Coverage Available as Well

Of course you can get quotes for other types of automobile insurance as well including comprehensive, collision, and personal injury protection (PIP) coverage in order to have a full range of protection while you are driving. Umbrella policies, if you are a homeowner, can provide additional protection for any situation that may financially spiral out of control causing risk to your personal property. Whatever your individual needs, being able to compare your quotes here, side-by-side on our site is a way to savings.